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The Secret Techniques of The World’s Highest Paid Master Dental Technician Create

Stunning & Affordable Posterior Restorations

There’s no imaginary line in the mouth where excellence no longer matters. Beauty doesn’t mysteriously end at the canines.

Using the closely guarded proprietary techniques of Master Ceramist, Pinhas Adar, The Adar Dental Network (ADN) transforms Monolithic Zirconia, e.max, and authentic Prettau® material into unmatched works of natural anatomy and beauty. Works you’ll be proud to place in your patient’s mouth.

Now you can deliver the affordable and picture-perfect posterior crowns, bridges, and implants of Pinhas Adar’s signature restorations.

Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT, is one of the world’s most sought after and highest paid “Smile Designer,” charging a minimum of $1,250 for a single unit. His personal international clientele is small and exclusive.

In order to serve more dentists and patients, Pinhas shared the secret techniques and processes he perfected with qualified manufacturing and design partners. Leveraging his abilities through continuous Continuing Education to ADN team members, Pinhas ensures that his high standard of excellence is consistently upheld, case-by-case.

Vibrant posterior restorations created with Adar’s exclusive techniques are available to you for as low as $250 per posterior unit through the Adar Dental Network (ADN).

ADN specializes in posterior crown and bridge units using Monolithic Zirconia and e.max, both of which are known for their strength, bio-compatibility, and durability.

These are superior materials, but without this special human touch, they are just pieces of lifeless stone.

Our ADN team also masterfully create CERTIFIED Prettau® screw mounted implants for bridges and full arch restorations. You can find out more about these exclusive restorations on our price sheet.

Click on HOW TO SEND A CASE to get the information you need to send a case to ADN and learn about receiving $390 worth of FREE DVDs by Pinhas Adar.

How to Send a Case

Click on HOW TO SEND A CASE to get the information you need to send a case to ADN and learn about receiving $390 worth of FREE DVDs by Pinhas Adar.

Our personal pledge to you:

Add Adar Dental Network into your practice and get 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I personally promise to you that I stand behind all of our products and our services 100%. You have the full commitment from myself and my team to be our top priority.

You and your patients will always be treated with respect and dignity. Our top goal is for you and your entire team to have a concierge type of experience with our network of colleagues and services.  You are our top priority!

I personally guarantee it!


Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We Give Back!

Providing state of the art, beautiful dental restorations is only a small part of what Adar Dental Network is.  We believe that life is about sharing and giving, especially to the people that are priceless to us, our clients.

That is why we give up to 10% of our revenue back to our dentists who are supporting our business and helping patients and other colleagues.  As important to us also is to give to other worthy causes.  (please request details for qualification)